Awesome Black Magic Cocktail For Halloween Party

Black Magic Cocktail is a drink that you can try during a Halloween party. This drink combines black vodka with fresh orange juice. Of course, don’t ask the taste, it will definitely make you feel addicted when you first try it.

A cocktail is an alcoholic drink mixed with a drink or other flavorful ingredients. Before serving in a special cocktail glass, this drink is usually stirred or shaken first so that the ingredients are mixed. Alcoholic drinks that are often used as cocktails are gin, whiskey, rum, and especially vodka. But nowadays many cocktails are made from one or more types of alcoholic drinks plus flavors such as liqueurs, fruit juices, sugar, honey, water, ice, carbonated drinks, milk, cream milk, spices, bitters, and so on.

There are actually many terms for the type of cocktail itself. Like a bitter cocktail that arouses your appetite or appetite because of its sweet taste, refreshing cocktails that are usually added with ice, sweet cocktails that can be tried after eating the main and last menu which can also arouse your appetite again.

Until now, many people are confused about the definition of Cocktail and Mocktail. Where both are drinks mixed with other drinks or ingredients. However, the difference lies in the type of material used.

The term cocktail itself refers to almost any mixed drink that contains alcohol. However, it is also possible to mix juices, fresh fruits, honey, and other ingredients with various types of alcoholic beverages. Whereas Mocktail is a drink that is combined from juice or fruit juice with various kinds of soft drinks.

Well, one of the cocktail innovations that you can try is the Black Magic Cocktail which is suitable for Halloween Parties.

Awesome Black Magic Cocktail

Black Magic Cocktail
Black Magic Cocktail

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Ingredients For Black Magic Cocktail:

• 100ml black Vodka
• 500ml orange juice
• Iced and Orange wedges for garnish

Let’s Make Black Magic Cocktail:

Prepare a glass filled with ice cubes. Pour the orange juice up to half a glass. Then pour the Black Vodka over the orange juice. Make sure you layer between them. Finally, garnish with an orange wedge. And the Black Magic Cocktail is ready to be enjoyed.

Enjoy the Black Magic Cocktail with delicious and beautiful snacks like Lovely Colorful Unicorn Popcorn.

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