Fresh Brazillian Caipirinha Made From The Spirit Of Brazil

Brazillian Caipirinha is a Brazilian alcoholic cocktail which is commonly called “batida”. Many call it a Mojito. The difference is, Mojito adds mint or mint leaves. A caipirinha can be said to be made with a pure Brazilian spirit.

Caipirinha is usually made by mixing 20-50 ml of Cachaça, sliced ​​lime, 1-2 tablespoons of real cane sugar, and ice cubes. But nowadays many people replace Cachaça with vodka, rum, and even sake. Cane sugar that is used is also widely replaced with white sugar, black sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Brazillian Caipirinha
Brazillian Caipirinha

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Caipirinha is often also called passionfruit caipirinha whose fruit combination doesn’t have to be lime. Sometimes it can also be replaced with other fruits such as strawberries, coconut, kiwi, pineapple, lemon, grapes, mango, and cashews.

In Brazil, batida or caipirinha is usually served in restaurants or on the beach. This one drink is not only fresh when enjoyed during the day but also has beautiful visuals.

Well, for those who are curious about Passionfruit Caipirinha. Let’s just make it.

Fresh Brazillian Caipirinha


• 5 oz (20-50 ml) Cachaca
• 1-2 tbsp of real cane sugar
• 1 lime that has been cut into 8 pieces
• Iced to taste


1. Mix Cachaca, cane sugar with lime slices in a glass.

2. Stir gently, and fill with ice.

You are ready to enjoy the fresh Brazillian Caipirinha Made From The Spirit Of Brazil. Don’t forget to accompany it with the Cheesy Meatball Casserole.

Good luck and hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to try another recipe from us.


You can replace Cachaça with other alcoholic drinks such as vodka, rum, or sake.

You can also replace sugar cane with white sugar, honey, syrup, or other artificial sweeteners.

If you don’t like lime which is sour, you can replace it with other fresh fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, lemon, grapes, mango.

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