Candy Corn Martini (Halloween Cocktail Recipe)

Candy Corn Martini is a favorite drink by combining the sweetness of corn candy with a fresh martini taste. Coupled with the gorgeous look of the layered and mouth-watering cocktail of course.

Maybe some of you are wondering what a martini is or some of you are already familiar with this one drink.

A martini is a cocktail or one of the alcoholic drinks. This drink is usually made from Gin and Vermouth with an unsweetened taste and then garnished with olives or cherries. Vermouth itself is a fortified wine with various types of bitter spices. This wine is often used as a mixture in cocktails, one of which is martinis.

The Martinez type cocktail was first created around 1862, which is currently known as Martinez. Currently, modern martinis have developed and have several variations, including a vodka martini that replaces gin with vodka and a dessert martini that doesn’t use vermouth. As one of the variations of the martini cocktail type is the Candy Corn Martini which is usually served a lot on Halloween.

Candy Corn Martini
Candy Corn Martini

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Well, what if we just made the Halloween Candy Corn Martini.

Candy Corn Martini


• ½ cup Candy Corn (100 g)
• ½ cup Candy Corn Vodka (120 mL)
• 1 cup Whipped Cream Vodka (240 mL)
• 3/4 cup Pineapple Juice or Orange Juice
• 3/4 cup Whipped Cream or Heavy Cream


1. Prepare a glass or bowl, add the whipped cream vodka and candy corn. Mix and leave for 1-2 hours or until the ingredients are completely absorbed. Then strain the solid candy corn from the vodka liquid.

2. Prepare a champagne glass or other martini glass. Pour pineapple juice or orange juice into a glass until it’s filled up to a maximum of half a glass.

3. Then place the spoon with its back facing up between the inner walls of the glass. Pour about 3 tbsp of vodka into the back of the spoon very slowly, making sure that the liquid vodka hits the inside of the glass before it reaches the juice.

4. Sprinkle the vodka liquid with whipped cream or heavy cream and you can decorate it with candy corn according to your taste.

Enjoy fresh drinks like Candy Corn Martini with delicious dishes like Pesto Shrimp Pasta.


Step 3 is meant to create a layered effect that causes the vodka to sink to the bottom of the glass under the juice.

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