Easy Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails With 3 Ingredients (Non-Alcohol Mocktail Recipe)

Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails have become children’s favorite drinks from now on. Why? This is because this drink not only has a beautiful color but also has a unique taste, namely sweet, sour, creamy, or even spicy.

Mocktail is one of the fresh and non-alcoholic soft drinks made from various beverage ingredients. Usually, Mocktails are made by mixing fruit juice, syrup, juice, ice cream, milk, yogurt, vanilla extract, honey, or vegetables with fresh fruit and with the addition of soda and a little touch of garnish to strengthen a drink recipe. There are several types of garnishes that are commonly used, ranging from small oranges, including lime, whip cream, cherry, olive, and other fruit.

Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails
Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails

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Mocktails can be used as a party treat and can be drunk by all ages. Beautiful colors with varying flavors, which can be sweet, sour, creamy, spicy, or like spices, depending on the drink combination, making this one drink a children’s favorite.

If seen from history, Mocktail came after cocktail. Well, Mocktail is certainly different from Cocktail.

The cocktail itself is the art of mixing various ingredients of various alcoholic drinks mixed into one. Some people avoid alcohol so mocktails are created. In order to get a fresh and special effect, many types of mocktails have been created. Even with the same name as a cocktail or some other very interesting name. Like one of them is Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails.

So, for those of you who are curious, let’s just make a Mocktail with cotton candy and strawberry soda.

Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails


• 2-liter Strawberry Soda
• 1 pack Pink Cotton Candy
• Cherries for garnish


Get champagne glasses, jars, or other sized glasses that have been garnished with cherries. Fill a glass with cotton candy. Then pour the strawberry soda over the cotton candy.

Enjoying Cotton Candy Kiddie Mocktails in the afternoon with children is not complete if it is not accompanied by delicious and delicious cookies. One of them is Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cake.

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