How To Make Easy And Simple Dalgona Coffe (Popular Whipped Coffe)

Dalgona Coffe is a drink that is currently popular with its unique shape and delicious taste. This drink is gaining popularity recently after trending on social media.

Also called Whipped Coffe, this one drink is easy to make. Especially for those of you who really like coffee, it looks like this drink will fit your tongue so well that it becomes a favorite.

The Dalgona Coffe drink is made by mixing equal proportions of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water into a cream and then adding it to cold or hot milk.

Dalgona Coffe
Dalgona Coffe

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Whipped Dalgona Coffe itself has a unique history originating from the country of Ginseng, South Korea. Dalgona, which has been known so far, is not a coffee drink but a sweet candy made from sugar. Dalgona, or ‘ppopgi’ in Korean means “honey drink”. This snack has a taste that can evoke childhood memories for people who grew up in the era of the ’70s to’ 80s.

This snack was first made in 1950-1953, namely after the Korean war. Where initially the United States Army personnel gave candy or sweets to local Korean children.

Dalgona itself is made by mixing sugar and boiling it in water until it starts to turn slightly yellow. After that, given baking soda to expand. When cold, the sugar water will harden, become light, and crunchy.

Since then this snack has been on the rise until the 1980s, dalgona is sold in a shape like a lollipop with various stamped images in the middle. The taste is similar to caramel, except that dalgona has a crunchy texture and dissolves easily in the mouth.

But who would have thought, now dalgona can be mixed with coffee and produce delicious drinks that make anyone addicted?

Well, here we provide a recipe for making Whipped Dalgona Coffe.

Dalgona Coffe (Popular Whipped Coffe)


• 2 tsp Instant Coffee
• 1 tbsp granulated Sugar
• 1 cup Milk or creamer
• hot water


1. Prepare a small bowl, enter instant coffee, sugar, and a little hot water. Beat with a mixer or whisk until the coffee texture is thick like whipped cream.

2. Prepare a glass or jars, fill with milk or creamer to fill half the glass.

3. Spoon the shaken coffee on top.

Serve Whipped Dalgona Coffe accompanied by delicious, sweet, and savory snacks such as Salted Coconut Macaroons With Caramel Sauce.

Good luck and hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to try another recipe from us.

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