Eliminate Your Thirst by Enjoying Fresh Tropical Fruit Mango Lemonade

Mango Lemonade is one of the freshest drinks for you to enjoy, especially those of you who like tropical fruits such as mango. The collaboration between the sour taste of fresh lemon or lime mixed with the sweet taste of mango will not only relieve your thirst but can also make your thirst disappear instantly.

Mango Lemonade
Mango Lemonade

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Tropical fruit is a type of fruit that grows in areas with only 2 climates, namely hot and rainy (cold). There are various types such as banana, mango, papaya, dragon, pineapple, guava, star fruit, and rambutan with a sweet and sour taste.

The fruits above not only have various vitamins but also have high antioxidants and nutrients. Like one of them is the mango fruit which has a sour and sweet taste. Mango fruit is known to have the nutrients vitamin A and vitamin C to support eye health, this fruit can even reduce the risk of cancer.

Texas AgriLife Research food scientists in the US tested mango polyphenol extracts on breast, lung, leukemia, and prostate cancer cells. The result, mango is proven to be an anti-cancer. Mango extract is very effective against breast and colon cancer cells. This fruit can kill without harming normal cells.

This fruit which contains lots of fiber and vitamins is not only delicious if consumed as usual, but can also be used as a fresh and delicious juice.

Here is a recipe from Mango Lemonade that you can try at home.

Fresh Tropical Fruit Mango Lemonade


• ½ cup sugar or honey
• 1 cup freshly squeezed of Lemon or Lime juice
• 1 cup of sparkling water
• 1 cup of cold water
• 2 cups of mangoes or you can also use 3 ripe and chopped fresh mangoes
• Iced
• Mint for Garnish


1. Prepare a blender, put 2 cups of mangoes or fresh mango chunks with lemon or lime juice, sugar or honey, sparkling water, water, and a few ice cubes. Blend until all ingredients are smooth, then strain the liquid using a sieve to separate out some of the fiber or mango flesh.

2. Pour the juice into a glass or teapot and decorate it with a mini dress.

Mango Lemonade is ready to be enjoyed to get rid of thirst in summer. Serve with a few treats like Banana Blueberry Fritters.

Good luck and hopefully inspire.

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